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CHILI Editor UI vs Custom UI

CHILI publisher comes with a ready to use workspace. This workspace can be configured, to show all tools or no tools at all.

This is determined by the Template Administrator, and will fit with the requirements of the web portal, where the editor will be integrated.

Next to using the flexible workspaces (UI) of CHILI publisher, you can also choose to fully customize the UI around CHILI publisher.


Elements used in this schema

  • CHILI document canvas: the very basic element, where a (graphic layout) document is presented to the end-user.

E.g. Below is a document, with 1 frame and 1 background image. No tools surround the document, except the inline text toolbar.

  • CHILI Workspace: The set of tools surrounding the document canvas. This set of tools can be customized to show all

Or very little tools

  • Custom UI

The part of the Webshop, dedicated to the UI to interact with the CHILI publisher document.

In this case, the UI is developed by the customer or Integration partner, not by CHILI publish.

  • Web portal elements

The part of the webshop, dedicated to the ordering, flow of documents, unrelated to the editing of the document.


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