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CHILI Switch Configurator


The CHILI publisher Configurator for Enfocus Switch allows for Switch customers to execute CHILI publisher related functions inside of Switch Flows.

“The” configurator now exists in 2 flavours:

  • version 3: CHILI publisher (on premise)

  • version 4: CHILI publisher Online

Functionally, they are the same, but due to different architecture, both versions of CHILI publisher need a different configurator.

What can I expect?

The Configurator gives access to a series of common functionalities exposed by CHILI publisher API, such as:

  • Creating new assets in CHILI publisher

  • Creating new documents in CHILI publisher (by uploading a PDF file, but also by duplicating existing documents)

  • Working with Variable Data of CHILI publisher documents

  • Generating PDF files of CHILI publisher documents, and pushing them forward into the Switch Flow for further processing

  • Extracting MetaData of CHILI publisher Documents

On-Prem vs CHILI publisher Online

Switch Configurator v4 needed!

Since the introduction of CHILI publisher Online (our SaaS offering), you will need to configure Switch to connect over the API.

Since you don’t have access to the Data Directory on the server, only the API connector will work. Functionality to select a data directory has been removed.


All commands inside the Configurator populate DataSets in the Job, which can be used further in the Flow to determine how the job behaves. Most commands create a single dataset (of which the name is one of the properties in the Configurator).

Some (e.g. “Get Document Info”) will use the base dataset name and also create further DataSets (in the case of “Get Document Info”, a dataset for each set of additional document information requested through the command’s properties).

In general, the dataset XML is similar to the results of corresponding CHILI API Calls. To facilitate processing using XPath, that XML is updated with “itemCount” properties (listing the number of “item” sub-nodes on each element).

General Properties

Each Command in the CHILI publisher Configurator requires general properties to be set:


The root URL to CHILI publisher (online)

CHILI Data Directory

For On-Prem installations

Optional. If present, both CHILI and Switch can access this base DATA directory for CHILI Publisher, and this is used to pass along files (rather than upload/download them using base64 encoded arguments to CHILI API)

For CHILI publisher online

If you use CHILI publisher Online (CPO) you can only access CPO through the Server URL (API) since you don’t have access to the data directory. This functionality has been removed.

CHILI Environment Name

The name of the CHILI Environment to log in to


The name of the user to log in with (inside the provided Environment)

CHILI Password

Password of the user

DataSet Name

The name of the DataSet to attach to the current Job, holding the results of the command

Command Type

The type of command to execute:

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