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Required skills and competences

Every CHILI Publisher implementation is different, and all of our customers have their own approaches. But here are some guidelines on the types of resources you might need to make your project a success.

Do I schedule some training?

That greatly depends. We have had many customers doing both template creation and the integration within their portals without formalized training. Especially if the customer has previous web2print experience (or an existing website/portal into which the editor is to be embedded), we find that customers quickly get used to the concepts and usage of the software in general, and the

We would however definitely recommend at least minimal training in some cases:

  • If your project has a tight deadline
  • If you are integrating CHILI Publisher into your first portal (and haven't had a previous portal yet)
  • If your project is enormously business critical (eg: embedded in another software vendor's solution)


If you are going to embed CHILI Editor into your own portal (rather than using a third party connector), you'll definitely need some development resources. The requirements for the developers are not high:

  • Experience in developing websites
  • Experience with REST-like webservices and XML (although both easy enough to learn)
  • A basic affinity with the graphic industry (PDF, CMYK, production workflows) is recommended, but usually not a necessity
  • If you will be going into database publishing (rather than just presenting the user with the Editor), more affinity with design will be required

If you are embedding CHILI Editor in your own (homegrown) web portal, and especially if you are replacing a previous templating solution inside that portal, a developer will more often than not be able to do so without much (or any) training.

Graphic Designers / Template Creators / CHILI Administrators

Again: if previous experience exists within your company (eg with other web2print templating engines), your existing people will almost definitely be able to do anything required to create designs and templates. And we can also pretty much guarantee that they'll enjoy the new experience.

The basic profile of a template creator is a graphic designer who is also able to configure some logical rules (the hard core creative designers might not always apply).

Project Management / Commercial

Depending on your type of integration, you might need some internal project managers (eg in cases where you use CHILI Publisher in many custom projects, or where each customer has large varieties of different types of templates/documents). This person should be able to manage the entire project:

  • Communication with the end customer about scope, template rules, etc.
  • The ability to schedule beta testing of the new implementations
  • Describe clear guidelines and deliverables for the end customer
  • ...

System Administrators

Your normal system administrators should suffice. CHILI Publisher is installed on a 2012 Server, and your people will need to be able to do basic administration of that environment (server setup, DNS, backup strategies, etc.). See Server Administration for more details on the exact tasks.

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