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What is CHILI Publisher?

A powerful and flexible online document editor
Which is embedded in internal and/or external publishing workflows of our customers
And can be used by professional and non-professional users

Document Editor

The core functionality of CHILI Publisher is online document editing, in an interface which in many ways resembles traditional desktop publishing tools.

Powerful and flexible

The feature set of CHILI Publisher is very rich. But the way our customers put it to use can vary greatly due to an enormous amount of configuration and API possibilities.

Engine, embedded

CHILI Publisher is not a standalone product. It is virtually always embedded into existing websites or portals.


The workflow before, after and around the document editing is NOT part of CHILI Publisher. It is always the portal of our customer (or third party integrators).

Our customers

Customers for CHILI Publisher are:

  • Service providers in the graphic industry (printing companies, ad agencies, publishers, ...), when there are technical/development skills inhouse or when these can be hired externally
  • Sofware vendors (MIS, web2print portals, translation workflows, ...)

CHILI Publisher customers are NOT:

  • Corporate brands (we actively say no to sales opportunities to prevent competition with our service providers)
  • Non-technically oriented service providers (we have an active policy of not offering out-of-the-box solutions, which we leave to partners)


The rich set of features makes CHILI Editor a tool which can be used (and is accepted) by experienced graphic designers.

But at the same time, the flexibility and configuration of interfaces allows our customers to configure it so that it is very user-friendly for end users without any graphic experience.


Be sure to also check out what CHILI Publisher is not, in CHILI Publisher's limitations

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