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CHILI Editor Requirements

The CHILI Editor is used within a browser. When integrated in another web-application, the CHILI Editor will mostly be loaded in an iFrame.


For the most optimal user experience we recommend Google Chrome

Browser compatible with HTML5

CHILI Publish recommends:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

HTML editor

The minimum recommended browser versions for use with the HTML editor are:

Except for some enterprise contracts, Microsoft stopped Internet Explorer 11 support
  • Firefox 43
  • Safari 6
  • Chrome v45
  • iOS Safari v8.4
  • Android browser v4.3
  • Chrome for Android v47

The minimum recommended browser versions to use the 3D functionality with the HTML editor are:

  • Firefox v43 (partial support*)
  • Chrome v45 
  • Safari v9
  • iOS Safari v8.4
  • Android browser v47 (partial support*)
  • Chrome for Android v47 (partial support*)

* More details about the partial support can be found here:

Client Hardware

A “recent” computer with a “decent” internet connection.
If you work on a local network, consult your network administrator to check the speed.
Min 4Mbit/s Downstream
Min 1Mbit/s Upstream
Decent speed for client hardware:

  • Dual core 2Ghz
  • 2 GB Ram

Or better

CHILI Indesign® Extension

minimum Adobe Indesign version: Adobe® Indesign® CS5 until the end of 2014, as of januari 2015 Adobe Indesign CC.

  • Version for Apple - OSX
  • Version for Windows

The CHILI InDesign® converter is a plugin for Adobe® InDesign®.

Documents can be created as packages (offline), or sent directly to the CHILI Publisher server from within Adobe® InDesign®.

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