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Who are you?

Depending on your profile (as a company and as a person), you might want to get started with different resources within CHILI Publisher (and within this documentation).


Before anything else, we recommend you follow our latest "Big Spicy" demonstration. It will give you a good first overview of the solution's possibilities, strengths and weaknesses. Check out for the latest video or an overview of available scheduled webinars, or contact your local reseller for a personal demonstration.

The Big Spicy will show you documents and concepts spanning multiple uses and industries. Not everything might be immediately relevant to you, but the basic concepts will greatly help your further understanding of our software.

Next to that, you will want to read about the scope of our software: What is CHILI Publisher? This will hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect from our software, and in which scenarios it can (or should not) be used. Because we do our best to make sure everybody knows exactly what they're buying. Be sure to also take a look at: CHILI Publisher's limitations

Graphical Designer / Template Administrator

You can find an overview to create your first document in Your first CHILI documents

More information on the Plug-in for Adobe InDesign in InDesign Extension

And loads of information on the CHILI Editor under CHILI Editor Guide


Take a look at some general notes to consider before integrating CHILI. It's a pretty easy process: Integrating CHILI publisher into an existing web portal

That will point you to a variety of other resources, mostly within CHILI API Guide

While you might not be involved in a lot of actual document/template designs (this is out of the hands of developers in almost all cases), it is definitely recommended that you also acquire a basic understanding of CHILI documents and (most importantly) workspaces and output options

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