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Dynamic Layouts

CHILI publisher V6

This content (and all subpages) only applies to CHILI publisher version ≥ 6 and CHILI publisher Online ≥ April 2020

The concept

Dynamic layout is a set of features to make it possible to put intelligence in a document layout. It allows for the document, its frames, alternate layouts, to automatically reposition, resize or scale based on its relation to other elements.

Combining the flexible resizing and repositioning with other features (like Alternate Layouts) brings you the concept of a true SMART template.

A SMART template can adapt itself to any size. But it can also be used to make the layout respond to optional content.

Absolute positioning - relative positioning - calculated positioning

The big difference between a dynamic layout, and a "fixed size" layout, is that sizes and positions (of a document, frame, ...) are defined by functions and calculations, rather than with absolute numbers.

These formulas give you great power and control over the dynamics of your layout.

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